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"Everybody, let's play American Football!"
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Episode Summary: The final play comes down to Sena against Shin one on one. Shin's power and speed stopped Sena many times before. With time running short, Sena has the ball and runs to the endzone and Shin charges him head-on. Sena manages to get through Shin but he catches up and manages to knock Sena down with two fingers. Sena manages to get one hand on the ground to bounce back up. With the Devil Bat Dive running at 4.2 seconds, Sena uses Shin's Trident Tackle to go 4.1 seconds and gets the touchdown that wins the game. The next match will be Deimon against the Dinosaurs and the winner will go to the Christmas Bowl. Eight to nine years later, Sena is on a team with colors of grayish purple with a yellow lightning bolt. On getting the touchdown in the first few seconds Sena notices Hiruma on the opposite team. The series ends with Hiruma shouting "Everyone! Let's play American Football! Ya-Ha!"

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  1. 4SidedBananaPeel

    Dec 8th, 2012

    Good Game! but I want to see the Christmas Bowl D:!

  2. maulidi

    Jul 18th, 2013

    good game

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