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"A ha ha! My debut!"
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Episode Summary: Taki must pass the entrance exam to be able to play for Deimon. Suzuna tells them Taki has failed every single school with American football in Japan (except Deimon which has accepted every student due to their small number of application students, but Natsuhiko left Japan before being accepted). It turns out Taki is indeed an idiot and Suzuna leaves in frustration, with Sena following to comfort her. As it turns out, Taki can answer the question if it is somehow related to American Football. Taki does the exam; a bare pass is 200. At night as the marker is marking the sheet when Hiruma's shadow appears behind him. As the marker announces Taki is safe with 203 points, Hiruma's shadow disappears, and the marker also mentions how he feels that he is the one who "made it." Deimon beats the Zokugaku Chameleons in a practice match because of Taki. At the end, the Zokugaku Chameleons are seen carrying their motorcycles on their backs home as their punishment from their manager, Megu Tsuyumine.

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