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"The Ghost vs. The Spear!"
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Episode Summary: Now substituting in a corporation league game, Sena and Shin finally get the rematch they've been waiting so long for. However, Shin is disappointed as Sena refuses to use the Devil Bat Ghost due to his previous orders from Hiruma. The Samurais are losing due to Ootawara and Shin's entrance into the game, and the line cannot withstand Ootawara. The Huh-Huh brothers arrive and see Sena, Monta, and Komusubi playing, so they too join the game. Shin tells Sena that since he finally got the chance to face him, he won't hold back, and that Sena shouldn't either. With the encouragement of Monta, Komusubi, and the Ha-Ha brothers, Sena decides to use the Devil Bat Ghost.

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