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"The strongest soldiers in Tokyo!!"
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Episode Summary: Deimon has beaten the Spiders and are going to the Kantou Tournament, where the high-school champs of Kantou face each other to choose who will go to the Christmas Bowl. At the award ceremony, the All-Stars are announced. The defensive players are: Shin (Oujou), Kakei Shun (Poseidon), Habashira Rui (Chameleons), Buffalo Ushijima (Wild Gunmen), and Ootawara (Oujou). The offensive players are: Mizumachi (Poseidon), Yamamoto Onihei (Deers), Kurita (Deimon), Koutarou (Bando Spiders), Tetsuma (Wild Gunmen), Sakuraba (Oujou), Akaba Hayato (Bando Spiders), Kid (Wild Gunmen), Riku (Wild Gunmen) and Sena (Deimon). Shin wins the MVP award.

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  1. 4SidedBananaPeel

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    Ya-ha! Otawara xD *FART* Shin *Break* “Uh.”

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