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"Fairy Tail, X791"
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Episode Summary: With Tenroujima island missing for 7 years, almost everyone lost hope trying to find Natsu and the others. They owe Twilight Ogre, new local guild, a debt, lots of members missing. Alot of things have happened in 7 years. But Christina Ver. 2 shows up, carrying Ichiya, Hibiki, Ren, and Eve telling the remaining Fairy Tail members that Tenroujima island is still there. By hearing this news, half the remaining members head out to the sea where Tenroujima once lied. They found Natsu and the others. Mavis Vermilion appears, telling them that she saved them from Acnologia's breath attack. After explaining everything to them, she also says that the Fairy Sphere took 7 years to disspell. Mavis reveals that she has a astral body so she can't stay long. She disappears. Twilight Ogre than appears again, saying they want the debt now. But Natsu and the other appears and KICKS THEIR BUTTS (Twilight Ogre's butts).

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