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11 Responses to “Fairy Tail Episode 143”

  1. animinecraftlover

    Aug 11th, 2012

    I new there was somethin up with michelle


    Aug 12th, 2012

    ^^ So Did I She Was A Sketchy Bi*ch From The Get Go..

  3. Shizuku

    Aug 12th, 2012

    Best anime…

  4. Momo

    Aug 13th, 2012

    Yep knew there was somthing strange about her!

  5. Momo

    Aug 13th, 2012

    And holy fuck!! just relized She summond Loke!! :D

  6. Agent287

    Nov 24th, 2012

    Who’s that girl with Lucy then?

  7. killakrill23

    Feb 23rd, 2013

    Woahh this is nowhere near to the best anime chill out with all that. The fighting is horrible. If you want to watch a anime worthy of beign called the “”best anime”" watch Hunter x Hunter or One Piece.

  8. jcjcjc

    Mar 16th, 2013


  9. kirax

    Mar 19th, 2013


  10. nana chan

    May 31st, 2015

    i think this girl is lucy’s mom :P , if you check in the titles lucy is a baby and her ”cousin” is grown up and after lucy is grown up and her ”cousin” stayed the same . SO YESSSSSSSS I THINK IS HER MOM ( NOT DEAD YAY )!!!

  11. 113322

    Jul 16th, 2015

    Fuck this shizness! I knewed i! Imposter Michelle!

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