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"Komachi Machi Machi? Promised Devotion"
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Episode Summary: After returning Madeleine to Uzume, Komachi breaks a seal held on the dolls' memories, revealing that she was once their original master. Postponing the discussion concerning her motives til the next day, Komachi has the dolls stay at her place for the night, leaving Uzume restless. The next day, the girls and dolls meet up with Rafflesia and his partner Mikasa, who explain the origins of the Fantasista Dolls. Having been created by a company that soon got caught up in an international conspiracy, the cards and devices where given to various masters to test the dolls' ability to grow. It is also revealed that the one who came up with the idea for the cards was Kagami's brother, Makoto, who had been hiding in town as a character mascot the entire time. As Uzume feels she has many questions left unanswered, Komachi reveals she started the MDAG in the hopes of reviving Sonnet, a doll who was used as the basis for Proto-Zero, using the data Sasara and the others had gathered. Put under pressure by Komachi's request, Uzume is unable to convince Sasara to stay with her, leaving behind her cards and running off. As she leaves, she meets up with Anne, who tells her that dolls that have had their data extracted will lose all of their memories. Arriving home, Uzume finds a card and a note from the dolls, telling her to search for a 'birthday present'. Confirming her own feelings, Uzume meets up with Komachi again, proving that the dolls still regard Uzume as their master, and stands to fight against her.

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