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"Wishes Upbeat, Everyone's Shining"
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Episode Summary: It is shown how Sonnet was lost to Komachi when she pushed her out of the way of a speeding truck, her card become crushed as a result. As the battle between Uzume and Komachi begins, Anne asks Makoto for his help in reviving Sonnet. Uzume is soon joined by Kagami and Manai, whose combined show of friendship seems to resonate with Proto-Zero, who expresses her desire to live, making Komachi realises she has been neglecting other dolls whilst focusing on Sonnet. Whilst Makoto states Sonnet cannot be revived using the data from Uzume's dolls, he gives a blank card which could potentially be used to download Sonnet's data from the net. With all the MDAG's masters united, everyone's dolls search for the pieces of data scattered across the world and succeed in reviving Sonnet.

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