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"Akari Karikari: Restrictions and Devotion?"
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Episode Summary: As Uzume takes everyone out after inadvertently waking up early on a Sunday, Akari worries about getting too close to her in the event that they be abandoned again. They soon meet a girl named Miina Rurukawa who acts like a doll, with her actual dolls acting as her masters. Later that night, Miko ends up discovering Uzume's dolls, but is too happy to see Katia to bother blabbing about it. The next day, Uzume meets Miina again, who explains why she chose to become a doll. Meanwhile, Miina's dolls come to Uzume's device to ask Akari to be one of her dolls. When it comes to her time to answer, Akari declines her offer, saying she likes her current master. Although Miina initially accepts the declination with grace, she is soon commanded by the organization to attack her with the offer of healing her scarred arm, which she believed to cause her mother to abandon her. Through her battle, Uzume and her dolls shows what it truly means to be devoted to each other, eventually exposing Miina's bandaged arm as just for show. Miina's dolls decide to give up being masters and instead be her friends, whilst Akari becomes more friendly with Uzume.

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