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"A Heart Tart? All Together As One"
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Episode Summary: On her way home from school, Uzume is challenged by another member of the MDAG named Kiyoshi Kiyomizu, who overwhelms her dolls with his team's rugby formation, but she is aided by Manai and Kagami, who force Kiyoshi to retreat. Rafflesia gives Uzume a card that brings forth a special technique when master and dolls work together as one, but it appears to only summon random objects upon scanning. As Uzume trains them to work cooperatively, the objects soon take the form of pieces of a cannon, though they can't figure out how to use them, with Sasara placing the blame on Uzume. Downhearted, Uzume is approached by her friend, Komachi Seishou, who encourages her to think of what she can do for her friends. As Uzume is once again challenged by Kiyoshi, she decides to help protect her friends just like they protect her, which serves to be the key to mastering the technique, the Friendship Cannon, which breaks through Kiyoshi's defenses. Just then, they are attacked by another doll master, believed to be the MDAG's director, who takes everyone by surprise with her witch doll, Proto-Zero, before taking her leave.

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