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"The Bloody Battle of Mion River"
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Episode Summary: Saber, Lancer, and Rider fight to stop Caster's Demon from reaching the shore, however the beast regenerates at an astounding pace, making it difficult to destroy. Kirei and Risei discuss plans to cover-up the incident, while Archer and Tokiomi watch the battle aboard Archer's aircraft, the Vimana. Tokiomi pleads Archer to assist in destroying Caster, but the latter refuses after "sacrificing" four of his weapons to damage the beast. A crowd of bystanders begin to gather around the river and a pair of F-15 jets are caught in the battle while patrolling the area. Berserker appears and takes control of one of the jets and engages in aerial combat with Archer's Vimana while the other jet is consumed by Caster's Demon. Kariya confronts Tokiomi on the shore about their family, and is enraged when Tokiomi simply dismisses their family as "Rabble" while Kirei watches their conversation before they begin to fight. Elsewhere, Uryū is sniped dead by Kiritsugu. Caster senses the death of his master, and vows to fulfill the promise he made to his master. Kiritsugu deduces that Caster's Demon is an immortal being that will regenerate itself if even a small piece of it is left, hence, it must be destroyed in a single, powerful attack. He reveals that Saber possesses one such Noble Phantasm capable of doing so.

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