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"The Vicious Beast Roars"

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Episode Summary: Rider introduces himself as Alexander the Great to Lancer and Saber and asks both them to join him to take over the Grail and rule the world together which both of them decline. Lancer's master, Lord El-Melloi finally reveals himself and mocks Waver only for Rider to defend him and call El-Melloi a coward. Rider also reveals that there are other Servant watching the battle as well which Archer materializes and later Kariya's servant, Berserker, a Black Knight covered in black fog that prevents anyone from guessing his true strength. Archer tries to kill Berserker using his Noble Phantasm, Gate of Babylon, only for Berserker to evade and grab one of the weapons launched from the Gate. Enraged, Archer fires more weapons at Berserker who continues to evade and block them. To prevent Archer exposing his Noble Phantasm further, Tokiomi orders Archer to withdraw from the battle through the use of a Command Spell much to the latter's displeasure. Berserker soon goes after Saber where his ability to turn anything he holds into a Noble Phantasm is revealed after grabbing a street lamp pole to attack her. Lancer defends Saber as he stills dueling her, but El-Melloi forces Lancer to assist Berserker in killing Saber with a Command Spell. However, Rider incapacitates Berserker and warns El-Melloi to retreat or he will side with Saber which he and Lancer does along with Berserker. Satisfied, Rider tells Saber he will not duel her or Lancer until their duel is finish before leaving. Elsewhere, Caster watches the battle through a crystal ball and thinks Saber is his long-lost love while Kirei discovers that the church was being watched by a familiar.

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    haha Iskandar is awesome. Every other servant is so serious but he is very entertaining and kicks some major ass too

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