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"The Evil Forest"

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Episode Summary: Emergency workers cordon off the ruins of the Fuyuki Hyatt Hotel, seeing a ball of mercury among the ruins before one of them touches it, now drawn to its power by letting his co-workers transport the ball. From the church, Risei informs all of the active Masters that Caster is the main priority due to his involvement in the kidnapping of several children from Fuyuki City and killing them. Back in Einzbern Castle, Kiritsugu begins to plan their next move alongside Iri in attacking the Masters since most of them are planning to make their move against Caster. Kiritsugu refuses Saber's request to let her attack Caster since Kiritsugu is sure that Caster will come for Saber, due to his assumption that she's Jeanne d'Arc. When Iri spoke to Kiritsugu, he tells her that he needed to make big sacrifices including the fact that he needed to leave Ilya back in Germany to make sure that she's safe. Iri orders Saber to attack Caster, which she does when she charges out of the castle to face Caster after detecting his presence near the castle. But she was ambushed by Caster's summoned monsters, Lancer intervenes and joins up with Saber to defeat Caster. While the fight continues, Kayneth infiltrates Einzbern Castle to face Iri, but later sets off a trap before he survives the attack thanks to his Volumen Hydragyrum. Kiritsugu faces him as he uses his firearms, but Kayneth is able to survive thanks to the Hydragyrum. The assassin faces off against the Hydragyrum-engulfed Kayneth by aiming his Thompson Contender pistol at him.

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