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"The Magus Killer"

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Episode Summary: Irisviel and Maiya are about to escape through the woods when Kotomine Kirei shows up on their escape route. Instead of evading him, Iri and Maiya decide to confront him in order to protect Kiritsugu, who is already engaged in combat with Kayneth, from Kirei. Maiya is outsmarted by Kirei and taken down despite her terrain advantage, and Iri fails to restrain Kirei with her magic. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu exploits a weakness in Kayneth's Hydragyrum and successfully wounds him with a powerful shot from his Thompson Contender pistol after shooting him with a barrage of bullets. Elsewhere, Saber and Lancer continue cutting down Caster's seemingly endless waves of demonic creatures before attempting an all-out assault; Saber manages to clear a path long enough for Lancer to pierce Caster's grimoire (which is revealed to be his Noble Phantasm) with Gae Dearg, effectively cutting off his source of mana and instantly destroying his minions. Caster escapes while Kayneth continues pursuing Kiritsugu throughout the castle, tearing the castle apart to find him. Kayneth, now deeply enraged by Kiritsugu's "cowardice" as a Mage, falls prey to Kiritsugu's specialised anti-magic bullets, causing his Magic Circults to go berserk and tear him from the inside-out. Lancer arrives to save his unconcious master, while Saber rushes to save Irisviel from Kirei. While interrogating Irisviel about Kiritsugu, Assassin informs Kirei of Saber's arrival. Kirei decides to run, but not before stabbing Irisviel with his Black Keys.

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