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"The First Day"
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Episode Summary: After being rescued by his adoptive father, Kiritsugu Emiya, Shirō Emiya devotes his life to following his father's ideal — to become a man of justice. Moving to the present, Shirō helps with tasks at his school freely with the aid of the magical powers his father taught him, but is concerned about the rise of violent crimes in the city. Meanwhile, a student at Shirō's school, Rin Tōsaka, summons the Servant Archer and begins her search for magicians with other Servants.

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  1. Westley

    Aug 25th, 2012

    I always liked this show.

  2. Kharis

    Oct 4th, 2012

    it’s a good anime! played the VS for a loong time

  3. ken

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  4. qksehdud

    Mar 14th, 2013

    Its a very goood 1

  5. fggded

    Mar 20th, 2013

    Thanks for the upload!

  6. annoy

    Mar 23rd, 2013

    thx for upload

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  8. ThantWinSaw

    Apr 7th, 2013

    i like it

  9. jonaDJ

    Jun 9th, 2013

    yea, thanks for uploading :)

  10. karming

    Jun 18th, 2013

    one of my fav

  11. yuuyachrono

    Jul 23rd, 2013

    gotta watch it once more

  12. Nyminix

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  13. INW

    Jan 20th, 2014

    i love this anime

  14. AnimeFan34

    Apr 28th, 2014

    Love this Series, Cannot wait for the Remake by UFOtable, releasing this Fall. \(^o^)/

  15. greenboxer


    May 10th, 2014

    woh? there is a remake? i dunno that, holly shi.. g-grail! haha thats refreshing :) ) i got excited too

  16. Ryuuu

    Nov 12th, 2015

    good ep

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