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"Fire Starter"

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Episode Summary: X-rays taken by the robot reveal that Naota's head is empty. This is because the blow to his head created an N.O. Portal which doesn't show up on the X-rays. Haruko tells him she's a First Class Space Patrol Officer. Mamimi is obsessed with a hand-held video game called Fire Starter, in which the player performs the role of an arsonist in order to please the Lord of Black Flames, Cantido. The robot is kept occupied doing chores at the Nandaba residence, while Haruko, despite being the maid, performs little to no work. Mamimi sees the robot while he is recovering the parts from his head that Haruko had damaged, wearing black wings, a halo and flying off a burned rooftop. She believes him to be a god and calls him Kanti. Haruko tries to break into the Medical Mechanica plant in town, which is in the shape of a giant iron. She fails and questions security why there is no entrance or exit. She is taken home by Naota. A series of fires meanwhile erupts around the city. Naota visits the site of one fire with two of his school friends, where he sees Mamimi down by the river and learns from his friends that she is being bullied at her school. Naota realizes it is Mamimi who is starting the fires. He finds her performing a 'fire ritual' by the water bank. She explains she burnt down her old school house when she was younger because she 'hated the place', and had been saved from the flames by Naota's brother, which was the reason she loved him. She ends the ritual by asking the robot to bless her with a kiss. A robot emerges from Naota's head then, and starts to battle Kanti. Naota merges with Kanti, transforming into a large weapon to destroy the robot. At the end of the episode Naota wonders what he can do for Mamimi, and promises to always be by her side.

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