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Episode Summary: Haruko and Kanti have disappeared and become wanted criminals, while smoke continues to pour out of the Medical Mechanica plant, shrouding Mabase in mist. Mamimi finds a small dog-like robot by the river. It runs away with her cell phone, which she lets it eat, and it grows as a result. Haruko returns to the Nandaba residence at dinner (in a style similar to episode 1's dinner scene), causing Naota to later ask her in tears why she left. Commander Amarao and Lieutenant Kitsurubami attempt to find the "terminal core" of a robot they haul out of the river, which is revealed to be the device Mamimi has been feeding. It absorbs part of Kanti before Haruko feeds Naota to it, then drills into the giant hand. From this, Haruko hopes to extract Atomsk, the celestial being whose power she desires. Before the giant hand can fully grasp the Medical Mechanica plant, Kanti stops it as Naota emerges from his head, glowing with the infinite energy of Atomsk. Stunned, Haruko flies into a rage, bent on acquiring the power of Atomsk by destroying Naota. Before he can finish Haruko off, Naota stops short and declaring his love for her, kisses her, allowing Atomsk to fully emerge from his N.O. channel. Atomsk consumes the terminal core and blasts into space. Afterwards, Haruko offers to bring Naota into space on her Space Vespa and then reneges because he's "still a kid". Naota finds her guitar lying amongst the rubble, which Mamimi takes a picture of, inspiring her to leave school and pursue a photography career. In the epilogue, life returns to normal in Mabase; save for a small teaser that keeps the ending semi-open- Haruko's guitar string is plucked on its own, leaving the possibility of her return.

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