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"Fullmetal Alchemist"

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Episode Summary: The Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who have already made a strong reputation of themselves despite Edward's short military career, are called upon by Führer King Bradley and Colonel Roy Mustang to hunt down rogue State Alchemist Isaac McDougal. Edward and Alphonse ambush and successfully capture their target. However, due to Ed's carelessness, the "Freezing Alchemist" finds an opening and escapes. The Elric brothers alongside the State Military are forced to confront McDougal again when he simultaneously activates numerous transmutation circles in Central, which creates an alchemic reaction encompassing the entire Central Command Center. Ed suspects the use of a Philosopher's Stone, but is unable to confirm his suspicion. Luckily, the Elrics, Major Alex Louis Armstrong, and Mustang succeed in thwarting McDougal's plans to bury Central in ice. The Führer confronts McDougal as he attempts to escape. In the brief battle that follows, Isaac is easily cut down by the Führer, who later credits both Colonel Mustang and the Elric brothers in helping accomplish the mission.

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