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"The Other Side of the Gateway"
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Episode Summary: While being effortlessly pummeled, Father desperately tries to absorb Greed's Philosopher's Stone. Greed decides to part from Lin's body, and uses his carbonization ability to turn Father's body into weak charcoal. Father extinguishes Greed's soul, killing him, but Ed punches through Father's chest, releasing all the souls of the people of Xerxes and sending Father to the Gate of Truth where he is trapped for eternity. In the wake of Father's defeat, everyone mourns Al's sacrifice. Ed rejects using a Philosopher's Stone to bring him back to life, even after Hohenheim offers his final life as an apology for the pain Ed and Al were forced through. Ed ultimately decides to perform a human transmutation on himself, sacrificing his own Gate and his ability to use alchemy with it. As a reward for discovering he does not need to perform alchemy, Ed is allowed to bring Al back with him in his original body. As everyone recuperates from the battle, Hohenheim returns to Resembool and dies peacefully before Trisha's grave.

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  1. Jeremy powell

    Nov 22nd, 2012

    Good show!


    Nov 30th, 2012

    You kidding? IT WAS AWESOME!

  3. AtribecalledQ

    Jan 7th, 2013

    Loved it. Hohenheim was a good dad in the end, he saved the country along with his loved ones. Truly an anime to remember and i will never forget

  4. akit

    Feb 7th, 2014


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