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"The Duty of Justice"

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Episode Summary: Yomi and the other SDCD operatives are dispatched to eliminate a Tsuchigumo roaming on the countryside; Kagura makes her debut after saving a woman from being crushed by the Tsuchigumo's corpse. A civilian, however, witnessed their entire operation, later leading to an encounter between the woman and the entire SDCD team. Yomi and Kagura are dispatched to an old subway system when they encounter the same woman, now a vengeful zombie with a cadre of people killed by her back in the subway. Kagura's father arrives to save her by using the Ga-rei spirit Byakuei after showing several signs of hesitations of killing the zombies due to her insistence that they were still people.

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    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smack that little stupid “kind-hearted” girl. This cruel world has no place for them. God knows only in movies, those weed smoking, peace loving hippies can ever win (anything).

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