Gakkou Gurashi! Episode 1 English Subbed

You are watching Gakkou Gurashi! Episode 1 English Subbed from the Gakkou Gurashi! Anime Show. Watch or Download Gakkou Gurashi! Episode 1 MP4 English Sub and other episodes of Gakkou Gurashi! Streamed for Free.

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5 Responses to “Gakkou Gurashi! Episode 1”

  1. eSeMeSe

    Jul 9th, 2015

    Not epic, not boring, just right. Well done :)

  2. XxDrinkBleachxX

    Jul 9th, 2015

    So, I saw the tags and the opening picture and was like ‘aight then, looks interesting.’ Watching it and it’s just…Normal. And then everything is just fucked. There aren’t words. Main character is fucking broken.

  3. Seathros

    Jul 9th, 2015

    Well.. I was wondering what was happening when what i read about this anime and what i saw just weren’t adding up.. now I see. She’s broken off from reality to keep sane… Dark. As. F^%&.

  4. Inkstain

    Jul 10th, 2015

    Well, there’s a twist.

  5. Drex

    Oct 30th, 2015

    Well I’m going on a cruise with my therapist now.
    Good man Dr. Morgan.
    He captains his own ship and welcomes me aboard anytime I’m unsettled by something.

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