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"Raise the Curtain, Snow White Sleeping Beauty"
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Episode Summary: The Somatic Class is doing a play called "Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty", and Ruka is playing the princess, much to everyone's amusement. An accident caused by Koko and Kitsumune causes Mikan to be a substitute for the prince and Natsume to be a cat. Mikan is nervous because she has never acted before but Ruka assures her that he will help her. Narumi takes the position to change several parts of the play, against the wishes of the students who are acting. In the play's climax, with Mikan and Ruka, Narumi wants them to kiss to make the ending more exciting fo the audience, much to their shock. Before they can actually do it, Natsume, overcome with jealousy, throws an apple at Mikan to stop it. Mikan and Ruka wonder who threw the apple, but only Hotaru knows.

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