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"Our School Will Be Gone!"
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Episode Summary: Mikan Sakura is a cheerful and innocent 10-yearold girl who lives in the country with her grandfather. As she is preparing to save her school from being demolished, she remembers when she met her best friend, Hotaru, a year ago after the girl moved to the village. While the two constantly fight because of their opposing personalities, Mikan and Hotaru care deeply for each other, as close as sisters. Mikan discovers that Hotaruu is moving away to go to an elite school in Tokyo, which devastates Mikan, but they promise to stay in touch. However, six months go by with only a single letter from Hotaru. Mikan learns that the school Hotaru left for is called Alice Academy, which accepts students with a unique ability called an "Alice" and it treats the student slike slaves. Worried, Mikan leaves her grandfather and goes to Alice to Academy, where she meets Narumi, a teacher who tells her that she may ba an Alice and he can help her. As he is about to tell her what Alice he thinks she has, the school's wall explodes and a boy Mikan's age appears, wearing a black cat mask. Narumi tells Mikan that the boy's name is Natsume Hyuga, who has the Fire Alice.

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