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"Let's Bring Natsume Back"
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Episode Summary: The girls escape from the school and follow Reo after kidnapping Natsume. However, they are also knocked unconscious and kidnapped by Reo's men. They are taken to a warehouse and bound so that they can't escape. Meanwhile, the teachers discover that the three are missing, and Hotaru tells them that Reo kidnapped Natsume and the girls tried to save him. The girls wake up and try to untie themselves, but fake sleeping as they listen to Reo talk about how Natsume burned down his childhood village at 8 years old and was put in the academy. Reo plans to make Natsume join Z, the school's enemy, as a spy. Natsume wakes up and realizes the situation, as Narumi gets ahold of them through Hotaru's transmitters. Reo catches them and tries to convince Natsume to join Z, but Mikan pushes him away. Reo realizes that Mikan is unaffected by his Alice and says she looks like "That Person". Natsume tells the girls that he will deal with Reo alone while they escape. As the girls are running away to get help, Mikan realizes that the reason Natsume is fighting Reo alone is because he is contemplating suicide.

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