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"Imagine the Maze, the Magic Lamp"
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Episode Summary: Mikan has become a little more accepted by her classmates for saving Natsume, even though he continues to ignore her. Her Special Ability Class opens up their RPG game, and after a long time of being rejected, it becomes popular. Natsume comes to it because he heard Ruka was playing, and insults Mikan's outfit. Seeing Tsubasa comforting Mikan makes Natsume jealous and he agrees to play the game on the condition that Tsubasa will be his slave. Natsume is able to easily win the game rounds, including Tsubasa, before reaching the final round, who is Mikan. He is supposed to capture her without touching her, and after some difficulty, he fakes being ill to get her close enough for him to capture her. He is then declared the first winner and is given a lamp to find a slave, but he wants Tsubasa. However, when he asks Koko to find Tsubasa's lamp, he accidentally picks Mikan's because he saw Mikan's face in Natsume's mind, thereby making her his slave.

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