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"Just two of us,in the dark"
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Episode Summary: As they continue exploring the festival, Mikan, Natsume, and Ruka come across the Laten Class' area, which appears more fun. Linchou invites them to visit the Haunted House that he is in charge of. Although she denies being scared because she grew up in the country, Mikan is deathly afraid of ghosts and the dark, and often clings to Ruka, which makes Natsume jealous. In an accident, Jinno, who was dragged along by Sumire, gets scared and causes a blackout. This causes Mikan and Natsume to be separated from Ruka, and trapped in a tiny room. Natsume even goes as far as to saving Mikan from being injured after she faints from shock. As they wait for help, Mikan realizes that she no longer hates Natsume and has never seen him smile or laugh, and now understands that he is actually a kind person. Natsume brushes her off and calls her names, and when they are finally found, they are in a weird position from fighting.

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