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"Friendship is Endless" / "Friends ☆ Eternally"
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Episode Summary: It is spring, and it is time for graduation. Mikan learns that she has failed the semester exams and will have to retake them. She also learns that Hotaru is planning to enroll in an overseas project for a year, which worries Mikan about being separated from her friend again. At the graduation, Natsume notices her worries and talks to her. She asks him how he would feel if Ruka decided to transfer, and he says that he would let him because it would be his decision. With this in mind, Mikan decides not to follow Hotaru anymore and let her make her own choices. However, her friends and classmates see that she is heartbroken still and decide that the two need to say goodbye. While Mikan is taking her final exams, they manage to stall Hotaru long enough to get Mikan to say goodbye. Hotaru then reveals that she is not going overseas but was simply moving to another dormitory for her inventions. Mikan is happy to be able to remain with Hotaru, and proclaims that she loves Alice Academy.

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  1. Kaichi

    Dec 31st, 2013

    Kyaa!! why!?!?!

  2. lurkingbad

    Mar 23rd, 2014

    That is nice ending, just found the manga and reading the last chapter it much sadder than the anime. This is first time i really get hooked with shoujo genre..:)

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