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"I Won't Lose the Alice Dodgeball"
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Episode Summary: Mikan introduces Tsubasa to Hotaru and Linchou, and learns that he gets along with Bear because Bear's owner is his best friend. Mikan confides in Tsubasa about how hostile and rebellious her classmates are. Tsubasa tells her that they are not acting out just to follow Natsume but because they simply want attention, and suggests that she do something to entertain them if she wants to be friends with them. Mikan asks her classmates if they want to play dodgeball, but when they reject her, she tells that she knows they know they will lose. They agree to play but on a deal: if they win, Mikan's team will be their slaves, and if Mikan's team wins, there will be no more bullying. Because more kids are on Natsume's team, Mikan's team is able to get ahead. So, Natsume's team starts cheating. In the game's climax, it is a face-off between Mikan and Natsume. At the end, Natsume's team wins, but Mikan says that she could tell that Natsume had fun, which angers him. As he leaves, Persona comes to fetch him because he has a mission.

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