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"Galileo DNA"
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Episode Summary: The Ferrari sisters Hozuki, Kazuki, and Hazuki are attacked by unknown individuals. The Ferrari family is brought together in Tuscany as a result of these attacks. Although the Italian police have no idea why they would become targets, they decide the situation demands that they have a close watch on the Ferrari family home, since the three sisters live separately. Cicinho and his sky pirate troupe Black Ganymede attack the Ferrari household and threaten everyone except for Hozuki as he holds Hazuki at gunpoint with an unloaded handgun demanding that they hand Galileo's inheritance to them. Cicinho’s plan is foiled when Hozuki sneaks in to the basement unnoticed and launches her goldfish-looking airship that she secretly built, taking down the Black Ganymede.

8 Responses to “Galilei Donna Episode 1”

  1. razerchuk

    Oct 10th, 2013

    Finally, I can find out whatever the hell this show is meant to be ABOUT.

  2. betrayer

    Oct 10th, 2013

    A giant mech goldfish? Bullshit level is over 9000 on this one. ^_^

  3. roguemasterkiba

    Oct 11th, 2013

    hahaha The Goldfish!!! still curious of what the hell this anime is going to be about

  4. sao


    Oct 11th, 2013

    it’s a WTF episode, but interesting…… we’ll see…

  5. olympus

    Oct 11th, 2013

    hmm not bad looks interesting :D

  6. razerchuk

    Oct 11th, 2013

    This is a total WTF episode, but so was ep 1 of [email protected], which turned out well in my opinion

  7. lurkinggood

    Oct 14th, 2013

    FREAKING BRILLIANT action anime.

    And there’s an explanation for the goldfish.

  8. klamens

    Aug 13th, 2014

    i like

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