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"Galileo Judge"
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Episode Summary: The sisters are brought back to Tuscany in preparation for their trial. Francesco, the CEO of Adnimoon, went to see them and told them that he will clear his charges on them if they told them the location of Galileo Tesoro. The sisters refused his offer and Francesco has leaved them no choice. Their lawyer, a frail old man, gives the sisters the sketches and the pendant claiming that some woman found them. Back at their cell, Hozuki tries to find more clues in the sketches by using the Galileo Tesoro but to no avail as it only contains words Galileo Galilei left for Hozuki. Hazuki asked Hozuki when did she planned to move the Galileo Tesoro to Picco Rosso. Hozuki told her that it was during their stay at Germany when Grande Rosso informed her of Anna’s suspicious actions at that time and that Hozuki only took action after the Galileo Tesoro activates at the hospital in Russia. At the trial, Adnimoon presents their case for convicting the sisters for their crimes of hiding the Galileo Tesoro, building weapons of mass destruction, and causing large-scale damage. Hazuki counters with evidence that Adnimoon was secretly building weapons themselves, but the evidence is dismissed after Adnimoon argues that it has no relevance to the case. Adnimoon brings in their final witness, Sylvia, who condemns the sisters and blames herself for being a poor mother. However, Geshio shows up and Sylvia presents damning evidence against Adnimoon to the judge, telling everybody that she faked her amnesia to learn Adnimoon's secrets. Adnimoon is convicted, and Francesco is shot by Roberto. After finding the answer using a hint, Hozuki examines the sketches using the telescope they found with the last sketch and learns how to produce the Galileo Tesoro from them. Anna shows up telling everyone that she found the sketches and the pendant, and the lawyer reveals himself as Cicinho, who takes the pendant and flees. The sisters search for the seventh sketch despite not knowing whether or not it exists, and they find it inside the globe at the ruins of their home. The sketch is a drawing of Hozuki during her time with Galileo, with her sisters having no clue that it is actually Hozuki. Hozuki realized that everything she made so far is based on Galileo’s sketches in the attic. The Ferrari family heads to Japan to meet up with the sisters' grandfather in the Galileo to complete the Galileo Tesoro that Galilei has left Hozuki to complete.

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