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"Snow Gift"

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Episode Summary: The clue leads the sisters to a park somewhere in Germany for the next sketch, as well as an opportunity to resupply. Upon arriving in Germany, while the sisters are looking for the sketch, a homeless strange man named Herman Hans asks the sisters to help him. The sisters offer Hans some food. Hans is reminded Hozuki of his daughter who is also fond of machines and started telling stories about her. The sisters learn that he is a doctor who created a micro doctor medical gadget, which is thought to be incomplete and a failure, in a failed attempt to cure his daughter of a disease that claimed her life. Hazuki and Hozuki go shopping and are pursued by the Black Ganymede. During the pursuit, Hozuki injures herself after falling from the balcony of a building, trying to escape their pursuers. Since they are wanted fugitives, they can’t take Hozuki in a hospital and instead Hazuki carried Hozuki back in the ship. Recalling that Hans created the micro doctor, Kazuki ask Hans to help Hozuki. With the pirates still in pursuit, Kazuki quickly learns how to pilot the Galileo. While Hans can’t perform surgery in their situation, Hazuki persuades Cicinho to not attack the Galileo because Hozuki’s life is in danger. Cicinho is clueless of what she is talking about and keeps on pursuing them but later Cicinho retreats due to his code of honor when he confirms what really happened from his crew. Following the attack, Hozuki recovers. Hans thanked them for letting him help Hozuki and gave them the sketch of the moon, which Hans had been using as a placemat after he found it in a broken goldfish statue at the park when he started living there. Back in the ship, Kazuki went looking for Hozuki and started accepting Hozuki and her works.

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