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"Constellation Dreams"
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Episode Summary: The next clue leads the Anna and the sisters to a ghost town somewhere in Netherlands where the Blue Hawks, a band of thieves led by Ludger Verhoeven, are hiding. They initially act hostile with the Anna and the sisters, pointing their guns at them while interrogating them, until Hazuki lectured them about lawbreaking and eventually, the Blue Hawks welcomed them as fellow fugitives. The Blue Hawks led them in their hideout at a worn out cathedral and offered them foods and drinks. While Anna and Kazuki went to look for the sketch, Hozuki meets up with Theo Escher, a boy around her age from the Blue Hawks aspiring to become an inventor. Theo has taken an interest to the sisters’ ship and asked Hozuki to take him inside to look around. At night, Theo shows Hazuki a telescope that he built to give to Karen, his childhood friend, while they both talk about Galileo and their interests. The next day, Hozuki and Karen had a conversation. Karen told Hozuki that she is jealous of her because Hozuki can relate to Theo’s interests while she can’t and Theo calls her stupid for it, making her think that Theo doesn’t like her. Hozuki told her that is not true and that Theo might give her something special on her birthday. Karen is surprised that Hozuki guessed her birthday and cheered up. After parting with Karen, Hozuki went with Theo to look for the sketch inside the cathedral. Inside the cathedral, Hozuki saw a stained glass that depicts a goldfish. They followed the sunlight that comes from it and saw a gold fish mark on the floor that leads them under the cathedral, finding the sketch. After that, Theo is excited to show it to Ludger. Worried that the Blue Hawks might take the sketch, Hozuki told Theo that she is a descendant of Galileo and that she and her sisters are on a journey to find the sketches of the moon. Theo told her that it is okay for him that Hozuki and her sisters take the sketch. Furthermore, he added that even if they showed the sketch to Ludger, Ludger will let them take it as well. However, upon meeting Ludger, they find out that Ludger sells out the band to Adnimoon in order to escape, and warns Theo and Hozuki that the village is about to be bombed. Instead of escaping, Theo goes back to the hideout to get Karen, who became too injured to walk in the attack retrieving the telescope. Hozuki attempts to rescue the Blue Hawks, but her request gets overridden by Grand Rosso, telling her that its dangerous and they might get bombed as well. The Galileo escapes moments before the hideout was bombed, killing the members of the Blue Hawks.

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