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"It's the Beginning of a Brand New Day"

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Episode Summary: Kei Kurono, an apathetic, self-centered teenager, is on his way home when he crosses paths with Masaru Katou, an old childhood friend. When a homeless man falls onto the tracks of the subway in his drunken stupor, the pair risk their lives to help the man to the platform. The pair are gruesomely killed by the oncoming express train and are transported to a room centered around a black globe with other people who have recently died: a school teacher, a dog, a politician, a long-haired blond man, two Yakuza gang members and a mysterious young 8th-Grader named Nishi. Before long, a naked young girl is teleported to the room and is almost the victim of rape from one of the Yakuza men before Katou stops them.

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