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"I Can't Shoot Him"

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Episode Summary: Katou swims towards Nishi, but it is too late. Suzuki screams in Nishi's ear, making his eardrums burst and his eyes explode. Nishi screams for someone to kill the alien. Katou loses his gun, then bear-hugs the alien underwater before its outer casing comes apart, revealing a giant bird. Kei-chan fires his weapon that sends the creature into space. While this is happening, Kinji's head blows off when he tries to leave the perimeter. Haruya, the boy and the grandmother flee back to the canal. Nishi asks Gantz to hurry up and transport them back before he dies, but the group finds that they, like last time, will have to deal with more than one alien to finish the round and be transported back. Nishi, while in horrible pain, tells the group of his hatred for society, and that he did what he did because he wanted to get home to his mother. He reveals that people need 100 points to escape Gantz and begs his mother to forgive him for only collecting 90 points before he died.

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