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"Please stay here, Katou-kun"

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Episode Summary: The team splits. Katou, Kishimoto and Hojo go after the other Suzuki aliens, while Kei and Testu, forced by Haruya under gunpoint, find the rest.Katou finds not one but five Suzuki-Seijin. Katou tackles one while the other four surround him. Kishimoto shoots one and it explodes, which also draws their focus off Katou. He and Hojo get one bird each to come out of its robotic shell with the bear-hugging method. Katou's suit then runs out of power. One of the birds tries to clamber back into its humanoid shell but suffocates. The two remaining aliens fly away and find Ryouta and his grandmother. The grandmother takes on the two aliens, giving the child a chance to run away, but he runs back, too concerned about his grandmother to leave her. He watches her die and is cornered himself, and also dies. Meanwhile, Haruya forces Kei and Tetsu into a building where six Suzuki and the apparent boss, a giant bird, are hiding.

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