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"Please Die..."

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Episode Summary: Hojo and Kishimoto kill the two remaining Suzuki, Kei tries to approach the boss but one of the fledglings starts to bite his neck and he needs to take it off his shoulder and put it on the floor. The six Suzuki faces go from smiles to horrible snarls at this. The boss emerges, and Kei threatens to shoot it. When he does shoot, it has seemingly no effect other than enraging the boss. The Suzuki scream which makes Kei start shooting at them. He misses but all of his shots and the screaming of the Suzuki cause the floor to cave in, the roof following soon after. All the survivors arrive outside. Kei is jubilant, believing he has killed them all, until the boss emerges from the rubble and grabs Haruya. It flies into the air with him in its grip and tears his head off, which falls at the feet of the survivors. The boss turns on Kei and the others urge him to run. Hojo tries to aim his gun at the boss but he flings him away against a wall. Kei tells the group that he's tired of running away all the time and is going to kill the boss. He fires and misses, and the boss grabs him by the arm and flies high into the air. Kei grabs hold of some pipes from the bird's mouth, and the bird descends, exhaling heavy steam. The bird drops Kei, who shoots it on his way down, manages to blow its head off before falling onto a roof, and are the group is transported back a minute later. In the room, Katou gets five points, Hojo (whom Gantz nicknames "homo") and Kishimoto get ten each while Kei gets 38, the most of anybody thus far.

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