Gantz Episode 14 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: Katou stands up to his aunt for beating his brother, and he and his brother move into a room Katou has been saving up for. Kei grows tired of Kishimoto constantly talking about Katou, and confronts her about it, telling her that he feels as though he is being used for his hospitality. Kishimoto feels guilty and leaves Kei's apartment, telling him that she thought he was "really cool". Tetsu, testing out his gun he obtained from Gantz, sees that it works outside of the game too. He originally tries to sell the gun as payment for what he appears to owe someone, but upon him declining the gun and demanding the money, Tetsu uses the gun to kill him. When he returns home, his wife tells him he has been fired at work and she is suspicious that he may be having an affair as his phone was off the night he was transported to the room. In the heat of the argument he threatens to shoot her, but he backs down. He goes out to buy milk for their baby, but runs into trouble on the way back with a gang who surround him. He draws his gun which they mock him about, claiming that it is a toy. He becomes angry and begins to feel used, and in his anger he shouts "What's it all about Gantz?!". Because uttering Gantz's name is forbidden outside of the game to anyone not involved in the game, Tetsu's head explodes, just seconds after his wife phones to tell him she is finally breastfeeding.

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