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"Go Fast!"

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Episode Summary: Kishimoto, with nowhere to go, is reduced to scavenging in McDonald's. Kei fantasizes about sex with Kishimoto again, realising that he regrets what he said to her. Upon hearing the door, the old lady he keeps seeing is back, telling him that she found the station he told her to go and find herself after all. Kei, inspired by her plea to never give up and keep trying, pulls on his suit and screams for Gantz to take him back. It does so, and he is transported in his suit to the room with nine new people; they work out Tetsu must have died somehow when they find him missing. A Buddhist priest tries to take control of the situation, telling everyone the room is a meeting place between heaven and hell and everyone needs to start praying. They do so, before soon realizing it isn't working, and they are not dead because they can feel their heartbeats and can breathe. One of the group also points out that they can see Tokyo Tower outside. Jealous of Katou, Kei goes to the side room and cries. A woman called Sakuraoka follows him and comforts him and asks if there is anything she can do to help, upon which Kei asks for sex, which she agrees to. The globe tells them to kill both one "rowdy" and one "grumpy" alien, both of whom appear to be red and green temple guards respectively. Kishimoto catches Sakuraoka and Kei having sex as she runs in to get changed, but they carry on regardless as the rest of the group suit up.

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