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"It's Me!"

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Episode Summary: The original six survivors are all suited, Sakuraoka and Mirafuji (a slightly geeky young man, never convinced he was dead) also put his on. The men are convinced only by a show of strength from Katou to bring their suits with them. As they are beamed out one by one, Kishimoto notices they have 1½ hours instead of just one. The priest shouts at each person that they're being sent to hell for accepting the guns and suits (symbols of war), until he himself is on his own. He cries in fear to be transported along with them. Four players attempt to go home, and Katou chases after them to try and stop them. One man walking in front of the others' head explodes, and Katou catches up to them to explain that they must stay. A man, Kajimura Ryuji and teenager, Muroto Hajime, are at the back of the temple discussing who they are going to beat up and what tune they'll sing as they do so, deciding on the same song that Gantz plays ("Radio Taizo's Good Morning song"). Looking through the X-gun, they see that the two giant statues at the temple entrance have bones. Kei smashes the door and the statues come to life, enraged by this.

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