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"Is It OK to Shoot Them?"

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Episode Summary: Kei tries to shoot one of the aliens, but it dodges the blast and destroys a temple wall. The Buddhist priest tries to pray to stop the red statue, but it has no effect and easily crushes him. The homeless man that Kei and Katou saved at the subway is seen by the singing hobo hunters and wanders his way into the temple where the aliens and players are. They try to shoot at the feet of the hobo hunters to distract them so the homeless man can get away, but Mirafuji starts shooting at random, not caring if he hits the men or statues. He gets the statue's attention again and they start to attack once more. The green alien knocks Katou down, and Kishimoto moves in to protect him. It tries to attack once more, but Kei shoots and kills it at the same time as the "hobo hunters" kill the homeless man.

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