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"Shoot Me!"

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Episode Summary: Katou's group stumble upon the dead homeless men. He breaks down, questioning even wanting to return home if the world is so cruel. Kei tells him that he is the one who wanted to go home more than anyone because of his brother. The group chase after a statue of incredible speed, but the kill is delivered once again by the sniper on the roof. Meanwhile, Hojo's group stumble upon a much larger group of aliens. The martial artist is killed fighting one of them, while the other two non-suited men run off to tell the Katou's group to come and help. Once they arrive at the scene, they find Hojo and Sadako dead, their torsos cut off from their bodies. They spent their last moments together and had shared a kiss before dying. Katou rushes in and would have suffered a similar fate, but Kishimoto jumps in front of Katou and takes the force of an acid attack aimed at Katou. Kishimoto dies shielding Katou, which enrages Kei to attack the remaining statues. Kei shoots the golden statue with many arms but it heals itself and attacks Kei, burning an arm and a leg away. Sakuraoka picks up Kei and flees with Katou. After a successful retreat, Kei asks Katou to shoot him because of the pain.

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