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"Kurono Alien"

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Episode Summary: The group turn on Kei, suspecting him of being an alien that they must kill. The hobo hunters and Kei's teacher are determined to kill Kei, but others would prefer to talk it out. They turn their guns on Kei, but when being transported, Kei wrestles the gun away from Muroto Hajime, the blue haired hobo hunter. Neon signs on the roof they are transported to change to tell the others that Kei is lying. They begin to hallucinate, seeing Kei as the person who killed them or the person they most fear, and Kei hallucinates to see Katou being killed by the two Hobo hunters. Eventually, one of the men on the roof shoots at Kei, and he runs. They chase him throughout the building, eventually meeting up together in a room when Kei's teacher points a gun at him. Kajimura Ryuji, the older hobo hunter, takes a woman who originally believed Kei hostage and tries to get Kei to surrender.

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