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"There's No Labyrinth I Can't Get Out Of!!"

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Episode Summary: Kei begins to hallucinate once again, seeing Kishimoto in the woman who was taken hostage. When Ryuji drops his gun to whip her, Kei knocks him against the wall and escapes with the woman. When they get away, she tells him that Sakuraoka had earlier given her a book, the one she told Kei that they would pick up together. She tells him that she needs it back as it means a lot to her, so Kei drop her out of window for safety (surviving due to the suit), and runs back to where the two hobo hunters are arguing with the rest of the group. The book shop owner, Furuta, asks Ryuji if he killed the two hobos as Kei had said he had, and he threatens them and inadvertently admits that he did. Muroto lies and claims he had been forced by Ryuji to kill the hobos. Kei jumps in, but Ryuji takes Kei's teacher and flees. Furuta gives Kei the bloodied book he came back for, and they go on in hunt of the two men. The men appear in a cupboard with Kei's teacher hostage. Muroto throws a knife he had been holding on the floor, which Kei's teacher grabs and cuts the face of Ryuki with. He bleeds profusely, but does not die. Muroto then shoots Kei's teacher and escapes.

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