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"OK, Here Are Your Scores"

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Episode Summary: Not being able to shoot the alien, Kei drops his gun. Thus, Nishi takes the points and finishes it. Nishi says that anyone still alive can return home fully recovered. Kei and the girl look to Katou, who is near death. They try to wake him up so that he can return. He just survives. Back in the room the scores are revealed-Nishi got three giving him 90 points, the others get nothing. Nishi explains he has been coming to the room for a long time, that it makes fax copies of people just before they die. They turn on him asking why he didn't tell anyone this earlier, to which he casually remarks that he wanted the target to drop his guard. His cold rationality enrages the others, but Nishi makes it clear that he is stronger than they are by clenching Katou's wrist. When Kei threatens him with a gun, he makes himself invisible and leaves the area. When Kei awakes in his apartment, he sees the deaths of the men killed earlier announced on the news, including the supposed death of himself. He knows that it was not simply a dream when he notices the suit lying on a chair in his room.

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