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"Then That Means, at That Time..."

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Episode Summary: Having finished with the first round, Kei, Kato and the girl take a taxi home from the apartment - the girl, when dropped off, reveals her name to be Kei Kishimoto. Kei (Kurono) goes to school the following day and we see his friends introduced. One of his friends is being bullied for money, and the bully tells him that if he tags him, he will get the money from Kei instead. He does so before promptly running off, reasoning to him later that he had no choice. Since Kei has been told to meet the bully after school, he decides to equip the suit in a toilet stall underneath his clothes as protection. We see him stood with the thugs as they bully another different man for money, extracting his teeth and collecting them. Kei's sport team coach arrives in defense of the man and Kei, but he too is beaten by the thugs. Kei cannot stand the injustice and tells the leader of the gang that he will give him the money in place of the man on the ground having to. This enrages the gang leader, and he pummels Kei until he zones out. He imagines Kishimoto's naked body, and gets an erection, much to the dismay of the gang. The erection gives the suit power, however, and Kei is able to beat the gang leader and flee the now shocked gang. Katou's lifestyle is revealed, with both his brother and him living with an abusive, uncharitable aunt. On the other hand, Kishimoto tries to go home, and discovers that she did not actually die, and is a duplicate without a place to return to - by the end of the episode, she is found by Kei's apartment door, asleep.

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