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"All Right!"

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Episode Summary: Kishimoto spends some time with Kei, and after trying to leave, frantically asks him to keep her 'pet'. He accepts her, ecstatic about the prospect, fantasizing about the many sexual implications of the term "pet". He buys condoms while she showers in his apartment, and when he returns, she also asks to sleep in the same bed as Kei as there is no other place for her to sleep. Kei propositions sex, and Kishimoto reluctantly agrees before stopping him. She tells him that she is having emotional troubles and breaks into a sob, and so he leaves her be. Elsewhere, Katou finds out that his little brother is being physically abused by their aunt. Also, two groups of new characters are introduced: Tetsu, a biker who is married and has a child but still goes riding with his gang, and Ryouta and his grandmother, a spoiled selfish kid and his protective doting grandmother. Tetsu's gang abuse a middle-aged man who stands up to them, humiliating him in front of his son by pulling down his trousers and underwear. While we do not see it, it is also implied that the gang physically abuse him, too, and when we next visit the scene, the man is lying face down, unconscious, with his trousers and underwear visibly hanging over his knees.

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    if this guy wasnt so perverted, and wasnt a pussy. hed be badass

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    damn right Lennox :)

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    this guy is such a dumbass

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