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Episode Summary: Kishimoto gets over her initial shock, and decides to lead her life how she, not her mother wants. As a result of this resolution, she declares her love for Katou, surprising Kei. Meanwhile, Tetsu, Haruya, Kinji and Kosuke are all lured to a spot by women who are texting him. This is shown to be a trap laid by a rival biker gang looking to claim Tetsu's gang's territory. The four are heavily outnumbered by the rival gang, and are killed. The scene changes to show Hojo realizing that the girl he is carrying on his motorbike is actually the stalker herself, and he angrily tells her to get off his bike. Adjacent to them on the road are Ryouta and his grandmother. All four are killed suddenly by a lorry driver asleep at the wheel, and we see a montage of all 13 players simultaneously transported to the room. Katou tries to explain what is happening, infuriating Nishi. The globe tells them to kill Suzuki-Seijin, a robotic-looking figure that they are told likes sweets and birds. Kei realizes to his horror that he has left his suit behind.

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