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"Kill It There!"

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Episode Summary: Kei tries repeatedly to tell Katou he's left his suit behind but he's too busy trying to convince the others about the suit's power. Eventually, everyone is wearing a suit except Kei and the three underling bikers. Nishi laughs at Kei when he realizes why he is afraid. He tells them someone else's suit would be no better than ordinary clothes. He then begins taunting everyone in the room, mainly about how they only rely on other people (specifically in Kishimoto's case), and how they will fail and die. He goes on to say that there are no leaders in the game; just competitors. One of the bikers, Kosuke, loses his temper and fires at him. The gun appears to have no effect, but when Kosuke prepares to punch him, Nishi fires his own gun at him and Kosuke's head implodes. He tells Gantz to begin, and they are transported immediately out of the room. Kei is transported directly in front of an oncoming lorry which he hastily rolls out of the way of. He looks around to find himself alone on a street; alone except for the robot-like alien slowly clanking towards him.

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