Gatchaman Crowds Episode 1 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: Hajime Ichinose is a rather eccentric schoolgirl who is obsessed with notebooks. One day, she is approached by a mysterious man named JJ who pulls out a journal called a NOTE from her body, declaring her to be the new member of the elusive Gatchaman team. She later follows the words appearing in her NOTE to the mall, where a Gatchaman named Sugane Tachibana manages to defeat an alien that had disguised herself as a human. Later that day, Sugane brings Hajime to the Gatchaman's hideout where she meets the other members, Joe Hibiki, OD, Utsutsu, and their leader, Paiman. Sugane explains that their duty is to protect Earth from a hostile alien race known as the MESS that has been abducting humans. Hajime and Sugane are soon called upon by JJ to fight a MESS at the bus station, during which Hajime transforms for the first time, whilst a mysterious figure watches.

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  1. patusa

    Jul 12th, 2013

    pretty good ^-^

  2. Indomavel

    Jul 13th, 2013

    somewhat stupid and generic

  3. sao


    Jul 13th, 2013

    hhmmm…. really weird but interesting.

  4. fritzce

    Jul 13th, 2013

    Good thing this one is not encoded badly like some other… pretty good quality

  5. Tou

    Jul 14th, 2013

    lol weird but interesting for some reason this is reminding me of power rangers o.o

  6. Geponeto


    Jul 14th, 2013

  7. fritzce

    Jul 15th, 2013

    just like MIB.

  8. dudewithdog

    Jul 17th, 2013

    looks promising

  9. jaredculture

    Jul 31st, 2014

    airhead done right imo

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