Genei o Kakeru Taiyou Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Ah, Money, Money! How Many Sad Things Must Occur in This World Due to Money?"

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Episode Summary: Ginka's father Yataro, who helps fund Sefiro Fiore's operations as thanks for helping his family out when they were in debt, comes to visit and invites the girls to a fancy party. While there, Ginka and Yataro hear about one of his old friends, Honda, who is facing financial struggles and is now in debt to loan sharks. That night, as Honda prepares to commit suicide, Cerebrum, this time taking the form of a young girl, gives Honda a Diablos Tarot card that he uses to kill the loan sharks and escape his debt. The next evening, Cerebrum instructs Honda to kill Yataro for possessing the Elemental Tarot user's blood, sending a wave of environmental hazards to attack him, but Akari and the others arrive to help him. Learning that the Daemonia is Honda, Ginka uses Akari's link to hear his thoughts, lamenting his weak heart. Realizing the only thing she can do for him is let him rest in peace, Ginka destroys the Daemonia. Being the only one left who remembers Honda, Ginka sympathizes with Akari's concerns.

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